The best way to start your video is to start with the goal of the video and work backwards to create your story.  We can help you thru this process in one simple call or meeting.

We produce all kinds of videos to help you reach your business objective. Our team produces: Brand videos, product launch videos, tutorial videos, sales videos, action videos, trade show videos, education videos, recruitment videos, behind the scenes, company culture, social media videos and blog (Vlog) videos, engaging videos, product review videos to name a few. If you can dream it in video – we can produce it.

Our in-house content team produces scripts, and our creative team will take your vision and provide with you with a storyboard to better visualize the entire video process.

Yes, the team can go to a location or a series of locations to help you tell the most relevant story possible.

Video is highly effective in video marketing as video engages, persuades, and motivates like no other marketing tool. The Blue C United team excels in taking difficult messages and ideas and present them in easy to understand and impactful messages.

Our team excels on taking very complicated products and services and transforms the message into simplified, engaging, and memorable video.

We also have an onsite studio for smaller productions and have flexibility to convert our offices into a larger studio. We also have access to other conveniently located usable locations or studios as well.

Our in-house creative team can assist you with your photography, photo retouch, digital as well as any graphic design needs.

Yes, we are skilled in assisting in-house departments as well as collaborating with other marketing partners to support your marketing efforts

Yes, we can provide music to enhance your videos, voiceovers to help tell the story, models of all ages and ethnicity and actors.

Yes, we are well versed in helping you also distribute the video through digital media and additional avenues to reach your key audience 

Yes, we are highly experienced in producing over 500 brand and products launch videos across all industries.

We have produced hundreds of videos for trade shows and high impact events.

It depends on exactly what needs to be done but I can tell you we will be faster and more accurate than any other video production company due to all services being in-house and ready to support your next video.

We are well versed in cutting down videos for various uses as well as resizing to work with various digital formats.  We monitor all social media updates and changes and make sure your video is in line with their requirements.

Once we have a discussion on your video vision and requirements, we can provide you with an estimate within 24 hours unless there are key items that need to be sourced or researched. It’s that easy.